The treasure that I found!!

I found a treasure!

Have you ever found a treasure? Well, I sure did. No, it wasn’t money, but of a different sort of value. A treasure that holds life itself. What is it, you ask? Well, it happened like this…

I was visiting my parents, who live in another state. We had a lovely visit together,and as I was packing up my belongings I double checked the closet in the room that I had slept in to make sure I had packed all of my things. I noticed a bag on the bottom of the closet so I opened it up to see what was inside. I was quite surprised to notice a stash of black and white photographs, some loose and others in photographic holders. The photos looked aged and were ones that I had never seen before. I quickly ran downstairs to find out where these photos came from. We couldn’t seem to solve the puzzle of how they got there, but I discovered some amazing photos of my families history.

There was an image from my grandparents wedding (early 1900s) , images from my grandmother and her friends as teenagers, childhood photos of my uncles, a whole variety! It was quite amazing to see, especially since I had lost both of my grandparents almost 30 years ago. I sat with my mother and went through the photos, labeling as many as we were able to identify. It was as if I was stepping back into time, and getting a glimpse of what life looked like for my grandparents so many years before. I don’t remember my grandmother- as she wasn’t well as far as I can remember, but I do remember my strong grandfather who would amaze me when he’d crack walnuts with a mere clap of his hands! Looking through the pile of photos felt like my history was being laid out in front of me It is quite a humbling experience and I was so grateful to have had that opportunity to be looking through these photos. To be honest with you, the first thought that came to my mind was this- “ I'm so happy that digital files didn’t exist back then, since I doubt these images would ever have seen the light of day!” For many people, all they have of their families’ past is just a mere few photographs. Make sure that you preserve your photos for your future.

(I wish that I had taken a photo of those treasures to show you here :( . )

The difference of holding a photo in your very hands that is  printed  vs. a digital file that sits on your phone and may never end up being printed

The difference of holding a photo in your very hands that is printed vs. a digital file that sits on your phone and may never end up being printed

So this brings to the table the discussion on the topic of digital files vs. photographic prints. Speak to three people and I’m sure you’ll receive three different opinions or more. Yet here was a clear indication of the vital need of photographic prints!

Seriously, today we live in such a digital age. Yes, I do believe that there are tremendous advantages to that. Images can be shared and forwarded with loved ones. Images can be included in digital newsletters, articles, brochures, personalized cards… You name it! There is no end to the creativity today! Years ago, when my older sister married and moved across the Pacific Ocean and wanted to share her children’s growth with the family, we’d eagerly await the “snail mail” which would contain photos that she would have to first complete a roll of film, develop at the lab and then send off in the mail across the ocean. By the time the pictures arrived to us, the kids had already grown and looked different! Today things are so advanced that you can take pictures in Australia, and moments later they ca be viewed all around the world! Yup, it is amazing! However, after the initial viewing of the digital images, those files just collect “ dust” with the thousands of other digital files. How many people ACTUALLY end up printing their digital photos? They get forgotten about, or even lost somewhere on your phone, hard drive, USB… somewhere in cyberspace. Yes, even I (gasp!) can be found guilty here. Your precious fleeting moments in time, get tucked away somewhere hidden, likely never to resurface.

Mounted Print

Mounted Print

Photos are meant to be enjoyed, to capture the moments in time, capture the beauty of life, and of your loved ones. Photos that are printed are able to be viewed and treasured. In my family, my own kids love perusing through our piles of albums full of photos of when they were little. They want to hear me tell them stories over and over again of all their antics. These photos and albums in turn will be the ones that they will share with their children and grandchildren. These albums tell the story of who they are and what shaped them as a family. Photos enlarged and hung on the wall bring personality and joy into ones home, bringing pride to the family members.

Bamboo Edged Mounted Print

Bamboo Edged Mounted Print

Photos can be displayed sitting on your furniture, shelves, or even hung on the wall. I love this mounted print with its bamboo edging, giving it an authentic feel. It conveniently has a flat backing with holes pre-made which gives the option of hanging it on the wall. All you need is a nail, and voila- the job is done!

Pre-made holes in back of the Mounted Print for easy hanging

Pre-made holes in back of the Mounted Print for easy hanging

Yes, digital files are important and play a role. They replace the “negatives” of the past. The combination of the two- both digital files and photographic prints is really the best- this will allow you to share your timeless photos yet at the same time ensure that they will remain everlasting treasures for your family, just like that bag of treasures that I discovered in my parents’ home.

I hope this inspires you to go pull out those ‘dusty” files, whether they are snapshots from your phone or files on your computer. Make sure to print them today, so that you and your children will be able to treasure them “tomorrow”! That’s what I will be doing too!

Until next time,


{Post script: After writing this I went and printed LOTS of photos of my family that was just sitting on my hard drive! Can’t wait to have them in my hands!!}