The light was gorgeous!

We had a fabulous photo session out in the park here in Brooklyn, New York. Yes, even here in Brooklyn, in the city, we were able to find lush green grass and trees. How amazing! The days have been pretty hot out here, but we were fortunate enough to be out on a day that was actually mild and pleasant. The light was crisp and gorgeous. Is that a way to describe sunlight?! I believe so!

We started out about two hours or so before sundown. That way we’d have some time to warm up as the sun would slowly start its decent. I started out with some straight on formals just to get the kids to warm up a bit. Baby A was pretty cautious about me. She didn’t trust me a bit! So I focused on the big sister and brother. I already saw that the sun was bathing the area right near me so beautifully, so we settled on the grass. To get the kids to warm up a bit, I whispered to big brother that he should go tickle his sister. Boy, oh boy, before he even got next to her, she started giggling away!

BrooklynGiggling Children   -8042.jpg
Secure with Dad Lifestyle photography-8037.jpg

Too bad now he didn’t trust me. I tried to whisper a secret into his sister’s ear to surprise him, but he just ran away :) ! Mom tried placing Baby A on the grass to join in the fun, but she wasn’t too impressed with our games. She just wanted to stay secure in her Daddy’s arms. That was okay. We were still able to get some yummy photos of her, like this one that says it all about the age and stage she is currently in. It’s so precious to see this age gripping so tightly onto their parents, whom they lean on for support and protection.

I like to mix up formal and candid shots, so that is what we did. I looked at the sunlight and had everyone position themselves on an angle so the sun wouldn’t shine in their face. They couldn’t sit with their backs to the sun, since that would have meant that I would have to be suspened in the air above the lake on photo left! So everyone smooshed together for some lovely family photos and we then mixed and matched Mom and Dad with their kids.

Brooklyn Family Photographer-8073.jpg

By moving around in the park that we were in, we were able to result in some great variety for the family photos. Do you see this beautiful natural light that we were dealing with?!

Brooklyn Family Photo Outdoors-.jpg
Authentic Kids Photos Brooklyn, NY-8212.jpg
Brooklyn Family Photographer-8089.jpg

I’ve got soooo many more favorites, that i don’t even know which ones to share! With a variety of images, Mom will end up with a beautiful wall gallery of her family!

We mixed things up and took lots of photos of each of the kids as well as them with their Mom and Dad! Of course this was all with fun and laughter and some silly games too! No forced smiles, just natural interaction.

Secure with Dad Lifestyle photography-8092.jpg

Not to mention the ballgame that the kids played with their Dad too, since they are all into sports. Those images really make my heart jump, images that tell a story, the ones that capture you in action, and define who you are. :)! Overall, the collection encapsulates this family quite well. What do you think?

Authentic Kids Photos Brooklyn, NY-8172.jpg