What to wear to your Photo Session:

To begin with, please ensure that the clothing you or your family members wear to their session should be comfortable. No matter how cute or adorable you think the clothing may be, if it is scratchy or stiff or whatever else is complained about the item, this will cause you or your child to be uncomfortable and unhappy.

I would suggest that you begin looking through your closets to see what you have and you may surprisingly find and be excited about something you had forgotten about. Some families may choose to have all the children matching in the photos, but please be open to the idea of having your children coordinate with each other. This idea presents very well in photos. A good idea is to start with one child’s outfit. Choose a theme, color, or tone, and then build the other members clothing around that using either complimenting or even contrasting colors, which is quite eye catching! Consider the colors of the area where you will be taking photos and then build your wardrobe colors around that. Often deep or bold colors work well for outdoors to make a separation from the environment, while soft, lighter colors may appeal for an indoor session.

Color is wonderful but try to keep it to two or three main colors. Decide if you want to go with bold or soft, and stay within that theme. You can then mix in neutrals such as grays, white, and beige. Try to use blacks and navy sparingly. Avoid dressing in loud colors, logos or busy designs, since these all tend to take the focus away from the story we are trying to tell in the photos.

Layers and texture add great dimension in a photo. Be creative and include items according to the season and your families tastes. Articles to include are things such as vests, cardigans, caps, jewelry, belts, boots, hair accessories, …. Don’t go crazy. After all we are just looking to keep the photos as natural and realistic as possible. Use items that you would naturally dress your children in. You may a prepare a variety of clothing accessories to have handy so that we have options to play around with, but generally I prefer not to have children change outfits mid-session as this just disrupts the flow of the session.