"Photography is a story without words".

Pita and falafel



So what is your story?

Everyone has a different story to tell, which is why the same subject (in our case food) can be photographed numerous times and all result in different images.

What are you looking to improve in your food photos? Are you a recipe developer wanting great images to go along with your recipes? Adding new menu items at your restaurant/cafe? Or maybe you are a manufacturer trying to promote a new food product? No matter what your objective is a strong image will help you convey your story. Today more than ever strong visual images are crucial as we live in such a visual society.

Are you looking for some quick tips on how to get amazing photos to display your delicious food? I'll share with you some tips and tricks that will help improve your photos in just minutes! (Seriously!)

So let's get started!!


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Tip #1:

This tip is really so basic but still quite worthy of being mentioned.


In order to get CLEAR, SHARP images you MUST stabilize your camera. Pros will always use a tripod but you may not own a tripod. So just spread your feet apart and using both hands position your arms against your body. Another option would be to lean your elbows on a table, chair, or other sturdy piece of furniture. Hold your camera steady and press down on the shutter. It doesn't matter if you are using a phone, tablet, or dslr, this is the #1 thing you should do! It's embarrassing when I see pictures posted that are blurry and worse yet in printed ads (GASP!). 

So go and try this out!


Tip #2:


Using the most flattering light will make your food look best. Using overhead light or a camera flash will just look harsh and unpleasing on your food. By placing your food near a window and holding a white paper or napkin opposite the light on the other side of the food will help reflect the light back onto the food. This will help lighten up areas on the food.